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Serious Rhythm Game

RhythmicTypeX is an adaptive rhythm game designed to develop typing & coding virtuosity on the keyboard, based on musical rhythmic training techniques used by professional musicians. The game play is designed to easily train with the 10 fingers typing method in a fun way.

RhythmicTypeX helps you to push your limits and acquire ever increasing finger dexterity in typing and/or coding, is up to 750 BPM if you can reach that! It is designed to easily learn and train the 10 fingers typing method, applied to letters, special characters (SHIFT & ALTGR) and your custom text input (ex: coding expressions). Supported keyboards: US (QWERTY) and German (QWERTZ) + 91 variations (click on the ‚Supported Keyboard Layouts‘ in the above menu for the list and all the details)

Customize your training

The target keyboard layouts are the US (QWERTY) and the German (QWERTZ), but many variations of those 2 layouts also work for this game. See the list of supported keyboards:

The options look like this:

Rhythmic training methods

For the purpose of designing this game, I made a Proof of Concept as Bachelor project in Games Programming, where I studied various rhythmic training methods used by processional musicians to acquire dexterity. Most of the rhythms used in this game, as well as the adaptive mechanic have been tested by participants for this research.

If you are interested in the exact methodology and the work associated with this game, you can look online for this proof of concept, the name is ‚Conception of New Rhythm-Based Dexterity Training Methods with Adaptive Mechanics and AI‘ , it is published on academia.edu.

RhythmicTypeX on Facebook

Post your videos playing RhythmicTypeX or give your take part in community conversations on the on the ‚Rhythmictypex‘ Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/RhythmicTypeX

Sharpened Games on Youtube

Visit the @SharpenedGames Youtube channel and see videos about RhtyhmicTypeX: https://www.youtube.com/@SharpenedGames

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